DISCLAIMER: This game focuses on the themes of death and grief. If you have recently experienced a loss and want to avoid those thoughts at the moment that's ok! Thanks for clicking on the page, I hope you come back and give it a try when you're ready!

On the flip side. If you feel like you're looking for some game or piece of art made by someone working through similar grief, I hope you enjoy this and take something away from it.


Finally Plot summary:

It's your Reaping Day! or as you humans would call it, your Graduation Day. In Death-in-Training, you play as a young reaper celebrating his Reaping Day. The final step in his education to become a full fledge Reaper, like his teacher Grim.  In order to succeed on your Reaping Day, you must endure what all Reaper's regard as the Process. The Process is a necessary procedure that all Reapers must endure when guiding their reaped Soul to the afterlife.  The Process binds the Reaper and the Soul it reaps, creating a unique experience of shared emotion and pain.

Remember to the lost and newly deceased.

You are their Shepard.

You are their Compass.

You are their Reaper.


This game is still in development

Music is not my own.

Both songs can be found on Pix channel: Link Below


song 1: A Lost Soul

song 2:The Search

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